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Little Corn Beach and Bungalow and Eco-tourism

Some of our guests will be even more refreshed knowing that their place of rest and relaxation has tried to minimize their carbon footprint on this part of their journey, partly because Little Corn B and B attempts to utilize sound conservation and earth friendly practices when ever possible.  Recycled rain water flows through the room shower. The casita they sleep in was largely built to minimize the carbon footprint from construction. What a comfortable way to spend your vacation! 

We also strive to minimize our environmental impact and maximize our

What have we done or will be doing to be eco friendly:

  1. Lumber was brought from the mainland on sailboats minimizing the carbon impact of having lumber delivered.
  2. Some construction was done with 2”x2” lumber effectively halving the amount of lumber used in those situations.
  3. Most bathrooms at hotels on the island are made from 100’s of bricks, ours our made with none. Again, limiting the amount of carbon produced manufacturing and delivering said bricks.
  4. Most of the paint used on the island is oil based paint. We used mostly latex water based paint and diluted some of it with water to ratios of 10 to 1. This eliminated toxic chemicals used for cleanup with oil paint and limited the total amount paint, paint cans etc. brought to the island.

New reading house, community building Little Corn Island, Corn Islands Nicaragua

  1. Each casita has “water bottle” windows that allow for ambient light. These are bottles that were in the trash, now used for construction.
  2. We are the only hotel on the island that recycles rain water in each casita and where appropriate in the common areas.
  3. We used local fisherman’s materials in construction, as well as rope that washed up on shore.
  4. We sponsor “Minnow Projects”, a grass roots effort to appropriately help the island where possible. To date this program has sponsored and organized five free veterinary spay and neuter clinics (2008-09-10-11-13). Cumulatively, these five clinics had 23 veterinarians treat over 500 cats, dogs and pigs during 12 days of surgery. We will be supporting and organizing future clinics as needed.
  5. Our veterinary clinics were originally only vets from the U.S..  Now we are including vets from Nicaragua (thanks to our clinic partners) to teach, train and interest them in the art of using their education to help limit animal suffering in all of Nicaragua.
  6. Minnow Projects has donated substantial funds (over $3,200 in 2008) to school construction projects, over 300 pounds of school supplies, 30 sacks of cement to help finish the school floor, oil (2012) and a fuel pump for the village generator (2009), $2,500 as well as cabins and food donated to the 2013 free veterinary clinic.
  7. On Minnow Projects agenda are Micro Loans for local business people, a separate “community” casita on our property and fund raising through various means to continue the good work.
  8. We utilized local labor for all construction. We employ local folks at our lodge facilities and we pay fair legal wages.
  9. We are the only "gringo" owned hotel/restaurant on the island that employees ONLY Nicaraguans (18 jobs as of 12/12).
  10. We utilize a rechargable battery system which has allowed us to stop using our generator during the day thus saving around 2 gallons of diesel and the effects of its combustion each day.
  11. Turtle Rescue at Little Corn Beach and Bungalow Eco Friendly accommodations on Nicaraguas remote CaribbeanWe use energy efficient light bulbs.
  12. Voluntarily and at our own expense we ship most of the trash created at LCBB to the mainland every Saturday for proper disposal.
  13. Our light fixtures are made from used glass beverage bottles that otherwise would be littering the island.
  14. We are the only entity, private or public on the island that  returns paint cans and similar garbage (at our own expense)  that can not be disposed of properly on Little Corn Island to Managua for proper disposal.
  15. We offer a "water bottle refill" program.  Available to all, not just our hotel guests, folks can bring any bottle and have it filled with purified water for a small charge (less than buying another bottle of water).  This saves the tourist money and the island some trash.  Proceeds help fund some of our community projects.
  16. We have planted a 1/4 of an acre farm in sweet potatoes, cassava root, pineapple, banana and plantain.
  17. Our Adirondack chairs where made here on the island by local craftsman.
  18. We are serious about our septic system which we believe is the best system on Little Corn and Big Corn islands (commercial).
  19. We sponsor through equipment donations and fund raising opportunities local youth baseball teams.
  20. We have implemented an “adopt a beach” program to help keep Cocal Beach clean.  We have hired two young people (who must attend school to stay employed by us) to clean about 900 meters of beach three times per week.  The garbage collected is shipped back to Managua at our expense for proper disposal.
  21. We work with local fisherman only.
  22. Some of our casitas are equipped with a water meter so that you can monitor your water usage while here on the island.
  23. We ask all of our clients to be aware of their use of the island precious water supplies through en-suite information sheets.
  24. Our bamboo was brought from the mainland only with the proper permits and harvested from the required area.
  25. All crafts sold at LCBB are created by native artisans.
  26. We use no styrofoam of any sort at the resort.
  27. We use only cloth napkins in our restaurant and bar.  Saving the trash burden of paper napkins.
  28. We do not use styrofoam boxes for to go meals.
  29. We return all of our rum bottles to Managua to be reused.
  30. We use glass beer bottles that are returned to the brewer to be refilled.
  31. Our margarita glasses are polycarbonate so we will never have broken glass on the beach and they will never need to be replaced.
  32. When our hammocks need replacing we return all the reusable parts to our Masaya hammock maker to be reused.
  33. We return our wine bottles and glass liquor bottles to Managua where glass recycling is available.
  34. A portion of profits are spent each year helping the island community with worthwhile projects.
  35. Through our efforts and the kindness of guests, LCBB has been instrumental in getting the “Reading Room” (a library and reading teaching center) constructed and opened in a permanent facility in 2012.
  36. Our bamboo (restaurant, bar and bungalow) furniture was made in Nicaragua.
  37. We are the only entity, public or private on LCI that ships all non-recyclable materials that we collect off that beach and that our created by our resort to the mainland to be disposed of properly.
  38. Our island veterinary clinics have been so successful that our veterinarian partners now want to start providing an annual clinic to Big Corn Island to which we have promised our help in any way needed(first clinic on Big Corn was in 2012).
  39. LCB&B  has implemented what is an ongoing island beach cleanup program called "B-Eco-I", (Beach Environment Cleanup Organization Initiative).  "Clean Teams" of paid islanders clean designated coastline of LCI and recycle and dispose of properly as much of the ocean flotsam and jetsam that washes on to the beach as possible.  LCBB pays for this program from revenues generated from our little corn island hotel. 
  40. Parents of infant guests are provided with a diaper "disposal" bag so that used diapers can be shipped to the mainland for proper disposal.
  41. We have gotten nine homeless island dogs adopted to new homes in North America.  When needed, LCBB donates cash towards the process to help the new proud owners get their new dog home.  Three of the nine are now named "Nica" :)
  42. As part of the B-Eco-I program we ship up to 150 bags a week of recyclable plastic that has accumulated over the years to recyclers in Managua.  We pay for the packaging and shipping and donate 100% of the proceeds from selling the recylable material in Managua to the "Communal Movement" local government to use as they see fit.
  43. We rescue iguanas (they have their own little casa iguana little corn island with us), Sea Turtles and Boas that would otherwise be eaten and put them on our grounds where no hunting is allowed.
little corn island b and b nicaraguas little corn island beach and bungalows on little corn island
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