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Getting Here From There

Many airlines fly to Managua, here are a few:

map of flight paths to managua nicaragua
American Spirit
Delta Taca
United Aero Mexico

When you reach Managua you can stay at our associate hotel (we suggest the Camino Real, don't forget to call for your reservation and ask for the Little Corn Beach and Bungalow discount). When making your reservations, just ask for the Little Corn Beach and Bungalow rate to receive our lower negotiated rate for our special guests.


Getting to Little Corn from Managua:

While you are in Managua, we can help you arrange safe and reliable transport in Managua and to other destinations such as Granada, San Juan Del Sur and Leon. Just get a hold of us and let us know you would like help.  Or call Rogellio, our english speaking associate at 001-505-8-623-4460, he or his brother Claudio can help with safe and reliable transportation.  Let him know you are staying with us.

The simple and fastest way to get to Little Corn Island is to fly La Costena, Nicaragua’s regional airline direct to Big Corn find La Costena at:

Travel tip:  Calling (011 505 2298 5360) La Costena to secure your Managua to Big Corn Island plane reservations may be the easiest way to get your tickets.

You can book the round trip flight that cost around $169US.  (if you need to, ask for an English speaking agent “Habla engles, por favor?”).   La Costena accepts Visa, MC, Nicaraguan Cordobas and US dollars.Cocal Beach, Corn Islands Nicaragua, rated a best beach in the Caribbean

You can try to book on line too

Booking Tip #1:  We almost always find it easier to book over the phone, you will be on hold for a bit, and have to ask for an english speaking agent a few times but it seems to work better.

La Costena’s schedule as of March 2015 is:

Managua to Big Corn Island (BCI): Depart 6:30am, 12  and 2:00pm

BCI to Managua: Depart 8:30am 1pm and 3:00pm (there is a temporary flight that leaves mid day as of Dec. 2014)

Big Corn to Little Corn:

After arriving at Big Corn Airport retrieve your bags and ask one of the local cab drivers ($1US per person) if they will take you to Brigg Bay to catch the Panga to Little Corn. 

The cab ride to the Panga takes less than 10 minutes and costs $1US per person.  

On the right hand side as you pass through the harbor entrance gate is the "ticket office" for the panga.  Purchase your tickets here and pay your 3 cordoba (about 12 cents US) "harbor tax".  

We would like to meet our guests at the Little Corn Island dock. In order to do so, please let us know in advance which boat, the 10am or the 4:30pm you will arrive upon.  Watch for a hotel representative holding a white sign board with a member of your parties name on the board.  ​​                               Introduce yourself to the representative, help them by identifying your bags, be sure they are loaded on the "truck" and you will be ready  to trek to Little Corn Beach and Bungalow when all bags are loaded and guests accounted for.

Travel Tip:  Typically, the panga and airline schedules are coordinated.  Usually taking the morning panga from LCI to catch the morning flight works out fine.

Panga schedule:

sundown at little corn island remote nicaragua tropical islandWe are frequently asked if you need to stay on Big Corn (?) the night before an early morning flight back to Managua.  Click here For our opinion.

LC to BC: Departs 6:30am arrives 7:00am
BC to LC: Departs 10:00am arrives 10:30am
LC to BC: Departs 1:30pm arrives 2:00 pm
BC to LC: Departs 4:30pm arrives 5:00pm

The Panga costs 180 Cordobas or $7 US one way. Purchase your ticket prior to boarding.  They will collect your ticket and hand out life jackets when you are on the boat.
We have always felt safe leaving our bag with a crew member or the Captain of the Panga.  Be sure to take your passport and any other valuables with you!  If you have time, you can go to Fishers Cave (right outside the gate on the right) for breakfast, lunch, a beer or coffee.

PACKING TIP #1:  Bring in an easily accessible place large trash bags and place your travel bags in the trash bags before handing them over to the crew.

Packing Tip #2:  Keep an eye on your bags to be sure they are stowed on the panga and not left behind on the dock.

Packing tip #3: If you brought a rain jacket or pancho, you may want to carry that with you when you board.

​Packing tip #4: The panga can sometimes be filled to capacity.  Arrive early to purchase your tickets and be at the boat 10 minutes before boarding time.  If the boat is at the dock, you can hop in and get your seat.

​Packing tip #5:  If you are arriving on the 4:30 panga, pack you head lamp or flashlight in an easily accessible place.  Nightime falls quickly in the tropics and you may need your flashlight for the walk to the hotel. 

If you don’t Let us know which panga you are arriving upon and you sneak up on us, or you are just going to drop by to see if we have a casita available, anyone on the dock can direct you our way. Ask for help to either Little Corn Beach and Bungalow or "Beach-Bungalow" on the beach side. You can also hire someone on the dock to help you with your bags for a small (120 cordobas or about $5 is fair) tip. See you here when you “reach”.


little corn island b and b nicaraguas little corn island beach and bungalows on little corn island
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