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Getting Here From There

map of flight paths to managua nicaraguaPARADISE TWO, LUXURY TRANSPORT TO LITTLE CORN ISLAND NICARAGUACocal Beach, Corn Islands Nicaragua, rated a best beach in the Caribbean

Pictured on the left is the newest, safest transport to and from Little Corn Island, The Paradise  (see schedule information below).




Many airlines fly to Managua, here are a few:

American Spirit
Delta Taca
United/Continental Aero Mexico

When you reach Managua you can stay at our associate hotel (we suggest the Camino Real, don't forget to call for your reservation and ask for the Little Corn Beach and Bungalow discount). When making your reservations, just ask for the Little Corn Beach and Bungalow rate to receive our lower negotiated rate for our special guests.

Getting to Little Corn from Managua:

While you are in Managua, we can help you arrange safe and reliable transport in Managua and to other destinations such as Granada, San Juan Del Sur and Leon. Just get a hold of us and let us know you would like help.  Or call Rogellio, our english speaking associate at 001-505-8-623-4460, he or his brother Claudio can help with safe reliable transportation.  Let him know you are staying with us.

The simple and fastest way to get to Little Corn Island is to fly La Costena, Nicaragua’s regional airline direct to Big Corn.

You can book the round trip flight that cost around $165US by calling 011-505-2-263-2142 (if you need to, ask for an English speaking agent “Habla engles, por favor?”). Or, you can email the owner of the airline, Julio Caballero at Mr. Caballero speaks English and is willing to help. Let him know that you are coming to LCI to stay at Little Corn Beach and Bungalow. La Costena accepts Visa, MC and US dollars. Their web address is,

La Costena’s schedule as of March 2013 is:

Managua to Big Corn Island (BCI): Depart 6:30am and 2:00pm
BCI to Managua: Depart 8:30am and 3:00pm

ferry, or panga, from big corn island to little corn island.

Big Corn to Little Corn:

After arriving at Big Corn Airport retrieve your bags and ask one of the local cab drivers if they will take you to Brigg Bay to catch the PARADISE or the Panga to Little Corn. But, before you depart the airport we recommend that you go into the departure terminal and confirm with the La Costena representative behind the desk your departure reservation (phone service can be very limited on LCI and this may be your only opportunity to confirm your reservation).

The cab ride to the Panga takes less than 10 minutes and costs $1US per person. You will be expected to pay a 3 cordoba (about 12 cents US) harbor tax once you cross through the gate after the cabbie drops you off. Proceed straight ahead to the dock. Straight ahead of you on the main dock will be the PARADISE and on your right you will see a lower dock that should have the Panga an open boat waiting.  BE SURE TO LET US KNOW WHICH TRANSPORT AND AT WHAT TIME YOU WILL BE ARRIVING TO LITTLE CORN ISLAND UPON SO WE CAN MEET YOU AT THE LCI DOCK.

Paradise:  Paradise is a converted luxury yacht.  Owned by a Little Corn Island businessman, it recently started plying the waters between Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island as a government approved commercial passenger transport.  This welcome addition to transportation options between the islands sports, enclosed seating (great if you don't like to get wet), more stable passage (great if you don't like to get really banged around) and beverages for sale (great if you are thirsty)  These factors and more make us believe that it is probably a bit safer too.  The passage takes about the same amount of time as the alternative, the open panga.  Cost is $8.50US and no reservations are needed.

Paradise schedule (as of March 10, 2013)

Little Corn Island to Big Corn Island:  Departs 5:45 AM and arrives around 6:00 AM on Mondays and Thursdays only (as of 2/14).

Big Corn Island to Little Corn Island:  Departs 10:30 AM and arrives around 11:15 PM on Mondays and Thursdays only (as of 2/14).

Little Corn Island to Big Corn Island:  Departs 1:15 PM and arrives around 2:00 PM  on Mondays and Thursdays only (as of 2/14).

Big Corn Island to Little Corn Island:  Departs 4:30 PM and arrives around 5:15 PM on Mondays and Thursdays only (as of 2/14).                              

Panga schedule:

sundown at little corn island remote nicaragua tropical islandWe are frequently asked if you need to stay on Big Corn (?) the night before an early morning flight back to Managua. For our opinion.

LC to BC: Departs 6:30am arrives 7:00am
BC to LC: Departs 10:00am arrives 10:30am
LC to BC: Departs 1:30pm arrives 2:00 pm
BC to LC: Departs 4:30pm arrives 5:00pm

The Panga costs $110C or $6 US one way. They will collect the toll once you are seated on the boat before departure.
We have always felt safe leaving our bag with a crew member or the Captain of the Panga.  Be sure to take your passport and any other valuables with you!  If you have time, you can go to Fishers Cave (right outside the gate on the right) for breakfast, lunch, a beer or coffee.

Let us know when you will be arriving (and on which boat, the Paradise or the Panga).  If you do, we will have one of our representatives meet you at the dock to help you with your bags and bring you down our “road” to your tropical island paradise.

If you don’t and you sneak up on us, or you are just going to drop by to see if we have a casita available, anyone on the dock can direct you our way. Ask for help to either Little Corn Beach and Bungalow or "Beach-Bungalow" on the beach side. You can also hire someone on the dock to help you with your bags for a small (120 cordobas or about $5 is fair) tip. See you here when you “reach”.


little corn island b and b nicaraguas little corn island beach and bungalows on little corn island
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