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Rates and "Room, Activities, Dining and Drinks" (RADDeal)!

See Rates and "Room, Activities, Dining and Drinks" (RADDeal) deal details below!

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“Marvelous and Memorable 40th anniversary at romantic LCBB”, Trip Advisor, June, 2014 

“The best place on the island !!!”, Trip Advisor, June, 2014

“This is the place, make reservations”, Trip Advisor, May, 2014

“Paradise Perfection”, Trip Advisor, April,  2014 

About our accommodations.

We have tried to create a tranquil place where the Little Corn island visitor can feel at home, safe and like they are in a remote tropical island paradise (in which they are).

Each bungalow is cleaned, maintained and decorated with an eye to detail.  "Master Suite Gulliver" (MSG), "Master Suite Crusoe" (MSC) and "Crusoe" bungalows are all right on the beach

Each of our cabins on the beach has an ensuite bathroom, hot shower, security box, towels, soap, shampoo, conditioner, complimentary beach towels, complimentary bowl of snacks, complimentary bottled water, crisp, clean white sheets, pillows, free on deck satelite wifi access (bring own device, hours limited and varied), sitting areas, verandas, fans, refridgerators (MSG), rechargable power (MSG, MSC) and abundant beach access.  Sit on your private veranda and enjoy a stunning Carribean view (our "infinity" pool).  Or, read and slumber in one of our many hammocks, Adirondack chairs, beach lounge chairs and sitting areas tucked amongst the palm trees!  

See the accommodation of your choice description on our accommodations page.

Little Corn Beach and Bungalow offers 4 "Master Suite Gulliver", 2 "Master Suite Crusoe" and 2 "Crusoe" style bungalows. We also offer "Bunkhouse I" and  "Bunkhouse II".

The “Bunkhouses” are private accommodations that share a common bathroom (with hot shower).

Bunkhouse “I” offers accommodation for up to four in one bunk bed (two single beds, one above the other) and a double bed (for two people). Ideal for friends on a budget that would like a few extra comforts regardless of the cabin price. 

Bunkhouse “II” has a full bed (for two people) and a single bed.  "II" is great for a couple or small family that are a bit moreAzul Carribean sea, shady spot under palm trees for sitting and reading on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua budget minded. 

Both Bunkhouses are located in our “Iguana sanctuary” (garden view) just a 1 minute walk from the beach and features a large covered deck.

Accommodations Tip:  Families have found renting the whole Bunkhouse a nice option!

LOW Season: All dates other than regular season

REGULAR Season: November 17 to May 31

 All rates do NOT include a 2% tourism tax (which will be added to your bill at checkout).

  Resort Room Rates by Season and Cabin type.

Looking for a "discount" on your cabin?  The rates in parantheses () in the table below are the cabin rates for guests selecting the RADDeal which has among its many other benefits, a 15% cabin discount!

Looking for a "discount" on your island cabin?  Select the RADDeal (described at the bottom of this page) with your stay and save 15% off your cabin rates (net cabin with discount in the () in the "rates" table below) as part of the many benefits included in the "deal". You will save money on everything with the "RADDeal" at LCBB! See "RADDeal"details right under the "rates" table below!

Cabin Type (rates are for 2 people) Regular Season Low Season Extra per person (all ages) up to 4 people
Master Suite Gulliver (MSG) 209US (177.65) 159US (135.15) 15US
Master Suite Crusoe (MSC) 169US (143.65)  139US (118.15) 15US
Crusoe (RC) 139US (118.15)  119US (101.15)  15US
Bunkhouse 1 (BH1, economy cabin) 79US  (67.15)  59US  (50.15) 15US
Bunkhouse 2 (BH2, economy cabin) 79US  (67.15)  59US  (50.15) 15US

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 Recent comments about the TURNED TURTLE BAR AND RESTAURANT on Trip Advisor:

“Amazing place”, Jan, 2014 

“Best food ever, awesome private setting”, December, 2014 

“INCREDIBLE!” , November, 2014

Breakfast is amazing (you must go and try their cinnamon toast . . .), August, 2014 

“AWESOME!”, August, 2014 

"Definitely the best food and widest menu anywhere on Little Corn Island", July, 2014

“The best restaurant on the island”, June, 2014 

“Best food and service on the island”, June, 2014 

“Food and service was great and still bargain priced!”, May, 2014

“The best food on the island”, May, 2014 


We offer an optional "Room, Activities, Dining and Drinks" (RADDeal) package:

The goal of the "RADDeal" is to reward guests that choose to spend time at our resort with a better value then when ordering "a la carte".  The deal benefits the guests who select it with no additional charges for two meals per day, unlimited beer, canned juice and soft drinks, free kayak, snorkel gear, paddle board and usage discounts on various activities including yoga, massage, diving, snorkeling, kiteboarding, fishing, wine and rum drinks(see complete details below).  It also includes a discount on everything not otherwise included or discounted (resort food, beverages or services).  Guests who select the RADDeal save money on everything during their stay with us.

If you are looking to SAVE money on your vacation, this just might be for you!  But keep in mind, if you don't utilize the benefits and discounts afforded by the Room, Activities, Dining and Drinks Deal (RADDeal), than you will probably be better off  going a la carte!

We also want our "RADDeal"  guests to have the option of dining elsewhere each day without the pressure of having paid for all three meals at the Turned Turtle Restaurant and Bar.  So two meals per day as a cumulative total at the end of your stay are included (see below for description of RADD benefits).  Any meals over the total included are billed only for the LOWEST priced meals consumed over the total included and those meals are discounted the 15%.

The "RADD" deal includes:  

  • 15% discount on cabin rates 
  • You choose any two meals daily, breakfast, lunch or our exclusive four plate dinners (lobster included when in season).  No pre-ordering or reservations needed.  See below for an explanation of how we "tally" your meals based upon your complete stay.  We maximize your flexibility to enjoy other restaurants on the island by not limiting you meal selections to any "1" day.  Not included are "grande" portions of Lobster and fish (you only pay the difference between the regular portion and the grande portion with the 15% discount applied, see below).  Additional sides are not included and will be charged separately.  Anything listed on the menu as a meal or a nightly special is included (accept as noted above), for example "Fruit Plate" which is listed and is considered a breakfast "meal". All other items not mentioned above or listed below are available at an added charge (but the 15% discount applies).  Turned Turtle Restaurant dinner menu changes daily, available main's for the day are listed on the menu board at the bar.  Dinners are a set menu of starter, soup or salad, a selection of main courses with veggies and dessert.  
  • Discounted Massage (30% off at our Firefly studio, when studio open.)
  • Discounted Yoga (30% off at Firefly studio, when studio open.)
  • Unlimited domestic beer
  • Unlimited juice and soft drinks
  • 15% discount on everything (resort food, beverage and services) not included in the package or otherwise discounted
  • 40% discount on all wines, bottle, glass and house
  • 40% discount on all rum drinks, including our semi famous Pina Coladas
  • One complimentary Margarita, Big Jeffs Mudhole or Pina Colada during your stay per RADDeal participant
    • One "Lolas, island original" homemade ice cream sundae per RADDeal participant
    • One fresh and nearly famous "roasted coconut cookie" per RADDeal participant
  • 2 free 2 liter purified water (keep the bottle for your free refills)
  • Unlimited purified water refills (refills only)
  • Exclusive coffee service quietly delivered to your cabin deck each morning
  • Flexible assisted departure times (not always available)
  • Priority check in (you will be the first to your cabin when multiple guests are checking in, which can be nice after the panga ride)
  • Specials with "Kite Little Corn"  learn how to kite board while you are here (when available, contact for details and be sure to let them know of your RADDeal status)
  • Free unlimited kayak use ($20/day value, based on availability)
  • Free unlimited snorkel gear use ($10/day value, based on availability, return gear between uses)
  • Free unlimited paddle board use ($20/day value, based on availability)
  • Discounted guided boat fishing, 10% savings (using our recommended captain, Captain Elvis (nickname "Dopey", he can help you get your fish cleaned and cooked at Ms Bridgettes, we do not prepare fish caught on your excursion)
  • Discounted guided fly fishing,  10% savings (when available and using our recommended guide)
  • Discounted guided snorkeling trips, 25% savings (using our recommended guide Captain Peter, and our snorkel gear)
  • Discounted Scuba diving (when using our referred dive shop, Dolphin Dive at Los Delfines Hotel, discounts range from 7.5 to 10%.  Our chosen dive partner is Dolphin Dive, with whom you get a 10% discount on diving and 7.5% on courses when signing up for our RADDeal. We highly recommend booking diving in advance to ensure you get the most out of your RADD package and to avoid disappointment at busy times.  Contact Dophin Dive through their website,
  • Exclusive special offers from Tranquilo Cafe (Little Corn Islands #1 nightspot)
  • One free (per person, $10 value per person) laundry service during your stay

Rate per person per day for RADD package are only $49.  Children under twelve, $24 and children 13 to 16 only $30.  These rates are in addition to the bungalow rent which is discounted 15% with the selection of the RADDeal.  

Example:  Stay for 4 nights and 2 individuals would have 16 meals included (no matter your arrival or departure time), because two meals not three are inlcuded each day you are free to go out to enjoy other restaurants on the island.  Should you consume 18 meals with us for instance, you will only be charged for the 2 LOWEST priced meals you consumed and the 15% discount will be applied.

Example:  An individual stays 5 nights, and 10 total meals are included.   As above, should you consume 13 meals, you will only have an added charge for the 3 LOWEST cost meals and a 15% discount will be applied to those 3 meals.

Meals are defined as available on our menu and served as a meal.   Sides, the difference in price between "grande" portions and regular portions, ice cream, snacks etc. will be added to your bill and the 15% discount applied.

Our "RADD" deal is per person per night of stay and is for the total stay length.  All occupants of the bungalow must participate in the offer and you must select the package prior to your arrival.  Confirmation deposit is required and will include 1/2 of the RADDeal charges (subject to standard cancellation policies).

The reason that we need to have you confirm the D and A deal before you arrive is because that we need to order food 10 days in advance and we want to be sure we keep our promises to you.  Because it is not possible for our staff to keep track of some days with and some days without the package for guests staying with us, the RADD deal is only available for your full stay.



We are a small resort.  Cancelation of a reservation can have an unusually significant impact on our ability to pay our Nicaraguan employees, purchase goods and services on the island and provide our guests with the best possible experience.  Because of this our cancelation policies must be somewhat stringent, therefore, there are no confirmation deposit refunds under any circumstances. We hope you understand.

A 50% deposit is required to confirm your reservation and will need to be recieved within 2 weeks of your request for a reservation confirmation. If you choose the RADDeal, a similar deposit for the option is required.   Accepting only 1/2 the totals for cabin and RADDeal protects you from possibly losing the full balance of your stay due to our "no refund" policies. Once you have arrived to the resort, you will be responsible for the balance of cabin charges for the full reservation days (which you confirmed your agreement with when you mailed your deposit).  If you DO NOT show up when you are scheduled to arrive, we take the cabin deposit, divide it by the cabin room rate and that is the number of days we will hold the cabin for you if you have not shown up and do not contact us.  Once that number of days has expired, we will consider the cabin no longer reserved and rent the cabin if a guest requests it.  So be sure to contact us if you can not arrive at the time that you originally planned so we can keep your cabin available.

We accept a  check or money order in US dollars (for U.S. and Canada residents, deposits recieved that are not in US dollars will have any bank fees deducted from the deposit amount) or a Visa or Master Card (which will be charged and include a convenience fee) is required to confirm a reservation.  Deposits are non-refundable.

Changes in reservation dates will be accommodated to the best of the resorts ability. Of course the sooner you request the change the more likely it will be available. We will always do the best we can to honor your request (subject to availability).

Because we are not responsible for weather (including severe tropical weather such as tropical storms or hurricanes), airlines, pangas, personal trip planning, village power or events out of our control we do not consider these (or other) factors valid reasons to invalidate or cancel/change your confirmed reservation or our early departure policies.  There are no refunds for any inconvenience or complication caused by any sort of severe tropical weather including hurricanes and tropical storms.

Little Corn Beach and Bungalow, its owners or assigns are not liable for any costs, inconveniences etc. caused by any unexpected circumstance including but not limited to severe tropical weather. 

PROTECT YOURSELF FROM UNEXPECTED EVENTS AND COSTS BY PROCURING QUALITY TRIP INSURANCE BEFORE LEAVING FOR YOUR TRIP.  Google "trip insurance" and carefully compare plans for differences in coverage and rates.

When you confirm your reservation, we hold your cabin for you regardless of how many others ask us for your cabin for the dates you have provided your confirmation reservation.  Because of this, once you have arrived at our resort you will be responsible for full payment for all of the reserved days.

We strongly urge our guests to purchase “Trip Insurance”. This type of surprisingly affordable insurance offers many varied benefits (Google, “Trip Insurance” and then shop carefully comparing plan benefits and costs). Trip Insurance can help shift the responsibility for things that happen out of your control to the insurance carrier. Some plans cover emergency or urgent need for medical attention. There is NO hospital on LCI and the health care system in Nicaragua and especially the Corn Islands leaves much to be desired.  Plus, there are no refunds provided for reservation cancelations.

Of course we will endeavor to do what we can to work with our guests to our mutual satisfaction.

Sending us your deposit indicates that you have read and agree to our reservation and cancelation policies. All policies are subject to ownership discretion

beach from little corn island shore linecolorful hammock shaded by palm trees on a secluded Corn Island beach

We accept credit cards: Visa and Mastercard (a hefty service fee applies)

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