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Sport Fishing

One of the many reasons people come to Little Corn is for the wonderful sport fishing.

sport fishingWe have 4 "Gulliver" style casitas that have a small kitchen equipped so that you can prepare your own catch if you choose to.  These are the only kitchen equipped casitas on the island that we know of.  Ask our referred guide to cook up your fish for a reasonable fee.

Offshore Fishing:

Offshore fishing (less than 5 miles offshore) you can go after Amberjacks, Sailfish, Barracuda, Dorado (Mahi Mahi) and Snapper just to name a few.  REMEMBER, should you book through us we use only local fishing captains, they have been fishing their home waters for as long as 40 years.  Of course you can use your kitchen in your Little Corn Beach and Bungalow casita to whip up a savory "catch of the day" meal.

We encourage our guests to have fun while fishing, but with the "eco-friendly" concept in mind we also encourage you to bring home only one fish per fisherman.

While prices for 1/2 day trips elsewhere can run in the hundreds of dollars, plying the waters off of LC can be less than half that cost.  Prices vary but you should have no trouble booking your fishing trip once you arrive.

LCBB will pack a lunch and a cooler of beverages for you at your request for a reasonable fee.

You can bring your own equipment and lures.  Word is that Ballyhoo Lures work well.

Shore Fishing:

Many Sportsman come to Little Corn to test out the fly fishing from shore.  Bring your own equipment and test your skills looking for Bonefish, Tarpon, Snook and the occasional small shark among others.

We can help you get set up with a guide as well.

Again, we encourage you to fish responsibly and utilize catch and release unless you want to bring home just enough to have a nice dinner.
The bonefishing at Little Corn Island Nicaragua is amazing. Spent two wonderful weeks at Little Corn Beach and Bungalow and landed 75 Bones, most of them right in front of LCBB. The fish averaged 4 or 5 pounds and biggest I caught was about 8 lbs. Did see one that was at least ten. One morning I caught and released 15 in less than an hour, before coffee was ready at 6;15. early morning was best but I caught fish at all times of day. I took an 11 ft 6wt Orvis switch rod, which was great for casting into the often strong onshore wind. I had 300 yards of backing on a large arbor reel and used half of it often and all of it once. The Bones here were not very fussy about flies, they took everything I put in front of them. Brown Crazy Charlies with medium sink rates where probably the most productive. I used 8 lb fluorocarbon leaders 12 to 14 ft long and caught 25 fish on one fly. All my fishing was done wading barefoot right off shore, with no guide. On days when the wind and surf was down, huge schools of Bones could be seen cruising the shore. Quickly learned to distinguish schools of Bone from schools of Baitfish. The Bones had a Blueish green cast, and the baitfish have a yellowish shadow. The bone schools looked almost identical to The areas of sea grass, but sea grass doesn't move. The Bones usually where cruising on the beach side of the first line of vegetation, 40 t0 60 ft out, in 4 to 6 ft of water. casting a few feet to one side of the school and letting the fly sink for 5 to 10 seconds, 4 inch strips med fast and continuous, worked best. On days when the wind and surf was up I would simply prospect cast into the hot spots and often hooked up every few casts. Took a few that were seen muddling in just inches of water. I have only been Bonefishing one time before, in Belize, a half day for $400 and boated one fish. I figure I saved $30,000 going to Little Corn. In two weeks I saw only two other Fly Fishers, both with big grins and tired arms.
Bruce Janssen Granby Colorado

little corn island b and b nicaraguas little corn island beach and bungalows on little corn island
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