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What to Do

There is lots to do on our little island:Little Corn Island Dive Map

  • Dive (we can recommend a great dive shop)
  • Fish from shore (Bonefish, Tarpon, Snook)
  • Fish from a boat at seaDiving the Little Corn Island Reef
  • We rent sea kayaks!
  • We rent paddle boards
  • Take a yoga class at the Firefly studio
  • Get a Massage at Firefly studio
  • Kayak The Reef
  • Snorkel
  • Hike
  • Bike Ride
  • Horses
  • Beach Comb
  • Dine
  • Dance
  • Drink an LCBB Pina Colada
  • Play pool
  • Read
  • Explore
  • Lay in a Hammock
  • Take a Crab Walk
  • Relax
  • Build sand castles
  • Play Volleyball
  • Volunteering
  • Be friendly w/ the islanders
  • Play games
  • Explore
  • Climb the tower
  • Swim
  • Have a beer at the "Cool Spot" and watch the panga arrive or the freighter discharge.


The Islands:

Little Corn Island, NicaraguaNicaragua MapLittle Corn island the location of Little Corn B&B is one of two sister islands. Eight miles of ocean lie between Big Corn and our island of Little Corn. Big Corn has an airport with direct air connection to Managua. To get from Big Corn to Little Corn requires $110 cordobas (about $6 US) to pay your fare for an 8 mile open ocean, open boat ride. The two islands lie about 50 miles off the Eastern shore of Nicaragua. The history of the two islands is an interesting one. Hundreds of years ago, pirates, privateers and settlers mostly from English speaking countries populated the island. Sharing the islands with natives the English speaking settlers intermingled and have created a very interesting, generous, friendly and predominantly English speaking population (numbering under 1000). Although the history of the Little Corn Island differs according to whom you consult, one prominent story is that sailing ships would stop here to replenish their beef supplies, thus “carne” in Spanish became “Corn” in English. At any rate, when you come down ask local historian, 74 year old Henningston Downs, to tell you the full scoop (ask nicely and he’ll probably send you off with a whole bag of free mangoes). While you are at it, ask Henningston about the medicinal qualities of some of the native flora. It is very interesting stuff. While Big Corn Island has around 10,000 residents, 24 hour electricity, cars, taxis (15 Cordobas gets you anywhere on the island), a harbor with 70 foot plus fishing boats, an airport, baseball stadium and numerous beaches and hotels, Little Corn is a totally different place!

inexpensive island vacationsLittle Corn Island:

About 2 miles long and at its widest 1 mile, Little Corn has NO cars, NO motorcycles, mopeds or any combustion engine vehicles. The island electric generator runs from about 2pm to 6am, dirt paths connect various parts of the island. There is a small community (“the village” on the leeward side of the island) of around 1000 happy souls, a baseball diamond, diving on a barrier coral reef (if your lucky you might get to dive with a Hammerhead) and the friendliest most beautiful island you could imagine. “Main Street” is a concrete path that stretches a half mile or so along the waterfront of the village. Want a taxi? You’ll have to settle for those two things you are standing on to get around. In case you brought a bunch of used clothing to give to the kids at the school, you will have to use a wheelbarrow to transport them. Interestingly, folks frequently wonder what they will do with their time, “will I be bored?” they ask and once they get here, they wish they could stay longer.


Government: The government is now a stable democracy. Periodic elections have transformed this once troubled country into a central American island of relative stability.

Safety: Nicaragua is considered the safest country in Central America. Little Corn just might be the safest corner of Nicaragua. Of course, aware travelers never stop thinking about appropriate safe methods of traveling and we encourage you to continue to act prudently even here on Little Corn Island.

Lodging recommendations in Nicaragua

Tourism: Nicaragua has jungles, mountains, volcanoes, huge lakes, history, Pacific and Caribbean coastline, colonial towns, zip lines, surfing, diving and so many other things to do and see that you couldn’t list them here.

Value of the dollar: One of the few places on earth where your US dollar has been appreciating in value. Beer for $2US, lobster dinner for $16US. Currently, you get about 23 Cordobas (cords, as the island locals say) for every US dollar. Oh yeah, forgot to change your money? They accept US dollars as legal tender country wide.

When expecting to spend US dollars on the Caribbean coast (including the Corn Islands) be sure that your money is not ripped, torn or marked in any way. Most folks will not accept it if it is.

The People: One recent study showed Nicaraguans as some of the happiest in the world.  Throughout the country, especially here on Little Corn Island you can expect a friendly smile, a helping hand, and a happy "Allright".

little corn island b and b nicaraguas little corn island beach and bungalows on little corn island
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